Distributing and retailing the very best in audio equipment in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore

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Vox Olympian
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Kiso Acoustic speakers

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Distributing and retailing the very best in audio equipment in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore



About Us
Welcome to Audio Evidence, a Hong Kong based distributor of high quality audio systems including Audio Note Japan/Kondo, Living Voice, Kiso Acoustic, Boenick and CAD.Audio Evidence is committed to representing only the very finest manufacturers of audio equipment. Our product range starts at the very top with Audio Note Japan / Kondo equipment, recognized as the premium product for those who wish to enjoy the best musical reproduction at home.


Audio Evidence will only represent companies that make equipment that I would be proud to have in my own home for my own enjoyment.


- Jonathan Midgley


Kiso Acoustic

"...driven by extreme visions and an artisanal spirit that insists on doing things in a particular fashion without regard for compromise or pricing conventions..."
6 Moons audio review

Living Voice


“In this day and age, it should be celebrated that a company has gone to the effort of producing something that makes no concessions and no apologies for what it is: it is an extraordinary achievement.”

HiFi Choice, UK ‘The Collection’ 2009


"The W’s are amazing, they create a space and ambiance really unexpected. You have high-end speakers, they do so much right but you always keep searching, then you have Boenicke, they just involve you and you forget all about high-end or not and just enjoy being part of the music..."

- Michiel Bouwens

Kondo Audio Note


"I got a glimpse of heaven. A product that breaks through to a new level of playback realism ... Vocal definition was frighteningly realistic ..."

F I Magazine

C.A.D.  Computer Audio Design

..totally re-calibrated my expectations of computer audio. Fundamentally this is because the 1543 is such a quiet DAC.....Philips called it perfect sound forever but in essence it’s the separation of the process from the sound that makes up the music.