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Sugden Bijou


Sugden Bijou - Nice to see Sugden is receiving some really good reviews in the U.K. Click here to download the review in PDF format.

Also you can see on the right Sugden Bijou series in its own elegant stand.

Superbrands Kondo


Superbrands Kondo Audio Note Japan, DPS and Schroeder tonearms with Wilson Sophia speakers were the source of Jazz and Classical music provided at the opening party at Jia Boutique Hotel on 6 March 2004. The Philippe Starck designed new boutique hotel, located in the heart of Causeway Bay, saw the rich and famous attend by invitation only, to enjoy the sort of party that Hong Kong used to regularly host, but nowadays is more rare! In the picture is the new KSL-Ongaku 211 amplifier, the new Kondo KSL-M77 pre-amplifier and (partially hidden by a well placed notice!) the DPS turntable with an Ikeda arm.

Carfrae speakers

Good news! there may be a pair of Carfrae speakers, ex-demo for sale at an attractive price. Interested parties please enquire through the web site or contact Joe Silva on joe.silva@mac.com .

P.S. These speakers have modified "Kondo Style" leather drive unit surrounds.

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