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Audio Evidence does not often have part exchanged and ex-demo items. However, below we offer for sale some equipment that is either new or in excellent condition. For more information, please call (852) 2396 8515 or e-mail us audioevidence@gmail.com for the latest information on items availability.

47Lab 4712 Phono Cube (MC Phono Equalizer) - HK$10,000

47Lab 4700 Power Humpty (Power Supply Unit) - HK$8,000

47Lab 4716MG Shigaraki CDT w/Power Supply Unit - HK$10,000

47Lab FlatFish CD player (previously used) - Price on enquiry

MSB Analogue DAC with USB 2 384 kHz input - HK$29,000

2 sets of almost new Kondo SPz speaker cables with spade plugs, one is the 'red edition', one is the much short after 'brown edition' - Price on enquiry

Hong Kong Show 2013


Once again, the Kondo/Avantgarde room attracted enormous attention and admiration. The new mono block amplifiers sent directly from the factory in Tokyo for the Hong Kong show made their debut, the showed pair were a prototype, production is to start soon. They have been named KAGURA.

These 211 valve amplifiers are hugely impressive not only in their sound quality but in their built, these are big amplifiers. However, unlike some amplifiers, this is not a 'perceived value' issue, they are packed with the sophisticated beautifully built electronics.

The pre-amplifier used at the show was the M1000 along with all Kondo cables and accessory. There was an interesting experiment when a mono record was played first using a stereo cartridge and then a mono cartridge, the difference when the mono record was played using the mono cartridge was really startling, expect more mono cartridge sales in future!

The music was varied and Edward Choung, proprietor of Avantgarde Hong Kong Limited, was in charge selecting the music and host to the Kondo room.

The cornerstone of the Kondo audio range, the Ongaku was on displayer and even with the passing years still attracts admiration. It is still true today that people speak of the Ongaku as the best and they are not wrong!

Congratulations to all exhibitors for making yet another year of a vibrant show for the audio enthusiasts in Hong Kong.

Easter 2015, Audio Evidence meets Audio Note Japan!

Once again, it was a real treat to meet with all the people at Audio Note Japan-Kondo and to see the factory there prospering with more work than they can easily cope with. A very pleasant morning was spent chatting to the President of Audio Note Japan-Kondo, Masaki San, also, Shibazaki San, famous Audio Note Japan sales agent, was in attendance. Masaki San demonstrated a flagship system utilising the M1000 and the Kagura through some BMW speakers, resulting in congratulations to Masaki San still making the very best audio equipment in the world!

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