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Boenicke Speakers


New arrival, Boenicke W11SE+ arrives at the new Audio Evidence studio. Please make an appointment to visit.

Kiso Acoustic


We have taken delivery of the extraordinary Kiso HB-X1.  As Hi-Fi+ says “…… it just happens to do that one better than every other loudspeaker on the planet, and the more you listen, the more you are drawn into how the Kiso plays music”. 

New  Studio


Celebrating a new and different style of studio in the heart of Hong Kong. We believe that fine audio equipment deserve something more than a simple shop environment. We want you to choose your audio system in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Please come and experience the music at the Audio Evidence located just  above LKF in the heart of Central. .

Telephone for an exclusive appointment on 2396 8515.

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